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Fabric - HempDry is 15% Hemp and 85% recycled Polyester. The hemp content gives the material a natural feel and an exceptional appearance and the polyester content ensures high functionality. HempDry is breathable, fast drying and naturally antibacterial and is utilised in our climbing and MTB freeride shirts. 

Natural Touch - Made with 100% polyester fibre that feels just like natural cotton. 

Quick Drying - Quick Drying material technology is used in this product to optomize moisture transport and fast garment drying. 

UV PROTECTION - All of our articles signed with UV protection offer a UV protection of 40 and more. This identification means that only 1/40 of the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation can pass through the fabric, this means 97,5% of the rays are filtered. All articles are tested according the Australian / New Zealand standard (AS/NZS 4399: 1996). The effect is not achieved by using chemical finish but by using special fibres or special construction of the material exclusively, for example a very tight knitting.